Step 1 and 2 (Group 4)

Step 1: Group Work

Time: about 20 minutes

  1. Please watch the following documentary. (You are allowed to watch the the documentary more than once). Each group has different questions to focus on. Please focus on the following questions:
    1. List the materials the boys are looking for.
    2. According to the BBC documentary, the import of old devices is not the problem. But there is another problem. Please outline this problem.
  2. Compare and discuss these questions with your group members
  3. Write your answers on transparencies and be prepared to present your findings.
  4. Early Birds: Have you finished but the others are still working? Discuss further negative impacts on the boy’s life which are not mentioned in the video clip. Do you think they live a good life? Argue why or why not.

Language Help:
Have you problems to understand the video and your group members can not help you? Then you can use the video transcript after the first listening.

Computer recycling West Africa Style by BBC News

Step 2: Plenum

Plenum: Presentation of group work