Step 5 to 8 (Group 2)

Step 5: Partner Work/Group Work

Time: about 20 minutes

  1. Split your group in pairs of two students.
  2. Each pair work on a part of a cartoon.
    1. Pair A: Please click.
    2. Pair B: Please click.
  3. In pairs, describe your part of the cartoon. Take care that the other pair cannot follow your discussion.
  4. Have you finished? Explain your part of the cartoon to the other group members.
  5. Analyze and discuss its message in your groups.
  6. Taking the cartoon’s message into account, evaluate additional ways in which people can reduce e-waste. You are now allowed to look at the whole cartoon together. You are also allowed to use the internet for further research.
    1. Try to find solutions on an individual and societal level.
    2. Take notes because you are going to create a short 3 to 5 minutes podcast (speech, interview) in our next lesson in which you convince your audience to act.

Language Help:
The cartoon stands for/represents/is a caricature of…
The cartoon plays on the stereotypical view of…
…is exaggerated/stressed/symbolic for… …reinforces the cartoonist’s message that… The humour lies in the discrepancy/contrast/parallels/misunderstanding between…and…

I think that…/In my opinion…
I disagree…
However, think about…
For this reason,…
To sum up,…/In conclusion,…/ In the end,…/

Step 6: Plenum

Plenum: Blitzlicht

Next Lesson: Step 7

In your groups, create a short 3-5 minute podcast (speech, interview) in which you convince your audience to act.

Step 8: Plenum

Plenum: Evaluation of Podcasts