Kids of SodomFun First. This advertisement from a big media store in Germany says it all. We want to have the latest electronic devices whatever the cost. Everything must be as new as possible. But what happens to such products after we throw them away?

According to Spiegel Online, there is a city in Ghana where Europe’s e-waste ends up. Children, teenagers and young adults try to make a living from our discarded products. But how is life under such conditions? Can they live a good and healthy life? Do they really work and live in conditions fit for human beings? And what about nature and the next generation?

Taking these into account, what is the result of such findings? Do we really want to pay more for products that there is a better disposal system for Europe’s e-waste. And what will happen to the so-called „Children of Sodom and Gomorrah“ after they can no longer work on our e-waste? Finally, what about companies and their profit margins? In which way can we change not only our own behaviour but people’s and companies‘ behaviour around the world?